Meriwether Towers


Our goal in replacing the waterproofing layer of the courtyard was to provide an effective and long-term solution to the initial problem of water penetration into the parking areas below the exposed courtyard. The waterproofing process was executed through two different methods, as proscribed by the technical requirements of the area to be sealed.

The courtyard and raised townhome patios, our largest areas of treatment, were sealed through a multi-stage application of materials, including a primer applied on top of the abraded concrete, fiber cloth, a thick layer of rubber which was heated to 400 degrees Farenheit and manually applied to ensure an even and seamless coating, and then topped with fiberglass-reinforced rolled asphalt, drainage mat, and a root barrier to protect the rubber-and-cloth waterproofing layer.

We also installed a new waterproofing system on the townhome entrances and on their rear patios. The multi-stage system of urethane Traffic Coating mixed with non-skid grains to ensure pedestrian safety was comprised of a base coat, secondary coat with quartz sand over cast, and a finished with a weatherproof urethane clear coat.

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