Meriwether Towers

Abrading and Chipping

Removing all the organic material from the courtyard exposed a somewhat-anticipated layer of delaminated concrete on the garage ceiling. However, the extent of the delamination was well beyond even our most pessimistic projections. In order to address this unanticipated, major structural breakdown, we needed to shore up the strength of the garage ceiling on both the first and second levels. We chipped the delaminated concrete down past the rebar to the point it was structurally sound. The exposed rebar was then ground clean and treated with zinc-based paint. The sound concrete was then prepped and primed, and the ceilings of garage levels one and two were re-poured using a quick-setting, high-strength grout. Once the replacement grout had hardened, the entire surface was abraded in preparation of installing the proscribed waterproofing solution.

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